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Reproducing the data included in this report


All data included in this report were generated with the Apex.AI performance_test tool. To run the testsuite make sure to have:

  1. A valid ROS 2 installation. We used ROS 2 Galactic Patch Release 1.
  2. Compiled performance_test with --cmake-args -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release
  3. To use the automated runner/analysis tool you will need Python 3.6 or higher

To install the automated runner/analysis tool:

$ pip install ./perf_tool --user

Now you can run the tests with one of the configurations included under “configurations/”.

$ perf_tool run configurations/conf-main.json

This will call performance_test with a host of different arguments one after the other and generate CSV logfiles that can be used in analysis. The shared main testsuite for every platform is defined in conf-main.json and includes singleprocess, multiprocess and scaling tests. They should be run with no config files for the RMW. Then there is conf-zerocopy.json which runs Cyclone DDS with iceoryx. For this you will need a minimal config containing just the switch to allow shared memory mode and make sure to start the icoryx roudi daemon. Lastly there is conf-images.json which showcases a selection of large datatypes at 30Hz.


The perf_tool can collect data from CSV logs, tabulate them and turn them into plots. Look in the file for how all the plots that are included in this report were generated. The per-test PDFs were generated with the performance plotter included in performance_test.