Gazebo Documentation Index

  1. All links
  2. A compiled list of all relevant learning resources for Gazebo.

  3. Installing the Gazebo simulator
  4. Links related to the Gazebo's installation instructions for different supported platforms

  5. Models: Import your existing models
  6. How to import previously existing models created with Gazebo or other external tools (Solidworks, Google Sketchup etc.).

  7. Models: Defining dynamic relationships between parts (joints)
  8. Instructions to define the dynamic relationships between the different static parts in Gazebo.

  9. Models: Create static objects in Gazebo (links)
  10. How to create or define static objects in the Gazebo simulator using different approaches (GUI, code, ...) and tools.

  11. Physics: Simulation physics parameters
  12. Description of parameters affecting a simulation and how to select good values for every case.

  13. Sensors: The sensor catalogue
  14. How to add already implemented sensors (camera, lasers, IMU, ...) to the gazebo models.